Matt Black – further dates for his Edinburgh Fringe Show ‘The Snoopy Question’


Many thanks to poet Matt Black for his highly entertaining show ‘The Snoopy Question’ – what a fabulous way to spend a Saturday afternoon! If you missed the show then you can catch it at the following venues:

“Excited to be doing double-bill evenings of 2 barking shows, myself with story/comedy/poetry show “The Snoopy Question” and the wonderful storyteller Maria Whatton with a great shaggy dog story” –

KENILWORTH Oct 19th, 7.30pm Tree House Bookshop, 4 The Square, Kenilworth CV8 1EB
BURTON Oct 23rd, 7.30pm Brewhouse Arts Centre, Union St, Burton on Trent, DE14 1AA
ALREWAS Nov 29th, 7.30pm The Bank Coffee House, Main St, Alrewas, DE13 7AE
BELPER Nov 30th, 7.30pm Number 28 Cafe, 28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ (just myself)

The Snoopy Question
What happens when a man starts to think that dogs have the answer to all our problems? Starts to think he is a dog? What are dogs really like? Is it time for you to find your inner dog? A crazy canine journey into your own self with cheap props, a wild story, excellent poems, and Snoopy’s answer to world peace. Inspired by Lola (a rescue dog from Ireland) and current dog research, you’ll learn about dogs’ eyebrow techniques, how to talk to dogs nicely, and what percentage dog you are.
Comedy, science and poetry collide

City of Dogs
Imagine you wake up and realise you have a waggy tail and astonishing sense of smell. Maria Whatton takes us through a panorama of dog stories that land her behind bars forced to examine what really makes a dog a human’s best friend.

The Snoopy Question – show touring 2019-20
The Storm Officer – play touring 2020
What the Portuguese Water Spaniel Makes of Social Media
– book of dog poems coming out 2020
Tales from the Leaking Boot – travel haiku, Iron Press, 2018

Derbyshire Poet Laureate 2011-2013
+ 44 114 255 4030


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