Second Nottingham Poetry Society David Holliday Lecture

Poet and Publisher John Lucas will be talking about lost poet Norman Cameron

Our next event will be on  Wednesday 1st March, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm at Five Leaves Bookshop . This is the second Nottingham Poetry Society David Holliday lecture, to be delivered by Beeston-based poet John Lucas, who runs Shoestring Press, the region’s biggest poetry publisher. John will be talking about the poetry of Norman Cameron, who was a contemporary and friend of Dylan Thomas, WC Sellar (who wrote 1066 and all that) and Robert Graves.

Born in Bombay, Cameron spent time in many countries, including teaching in Nigeria and in pre-war Germany, where he saw evidence of early concentration camps. His own war service ranged from writing radio comedies for the BBC through to parachuting into Yugoslavia to act as a translator in negotiations with Tito. Apart from translations, Cameron’s output came to seventy poems.

John Lucas will be delivering the 2nd Nottingham Poetry Society David Holliday lecture on  poet, Norman Cameron (1905-1953).  The inaugural lecture was delivered by David himself last year, initiating a series the Society have established  to honour David’s  contribution over many decades  as a long serving stalwart of the Society and a man of immense learning, always worn lightly and graciously. The Society and the poetry loving public of Nottingham know that  no individual  embodies the spirit of this new annual feature of our programme than John Lucas.  


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