If you want more details about meetings, forthcoming events or the group itself, simply fill out the comments form (at bottom of page) or email direct.

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19 thoughts on “Contact

  1. David Duncombe

    The new website seems versatile and useful, as long as people (particularly NPS members) access and contribute regularly. It is perhaps a little more technical than many people are used to: the ‘No Comments’, ‘Comments Feed for this article’, ‘Your Comment’ and ‘Submit Comment’ all at the bottom of the page, together with ‘Subscribe to Feed’ at the top of the page, plus other ‘Contact’ invitations could be confusing.
    Also, is it necessary to log in, or can the site be used anyway. Is there an advantage to logging in?

    1. nottinghampoetrysociety

      The annual publications ‘Writer’s Handbook’ ‘Poet’s Handbook’ and the ‘Writers and Artists Yearbook’ have sections on how to get published and lists of small press magazines. The online competition guide ‘Kudos’ lists many current competitions.

  2. nottinghampoetrysociety

    Because we are only able to take subscriptions by cash or cheque please enquire about joining by emailing or writing to The Treasurer, 71 Saxton Avenue, Heanor, Derbyshire DE75 7PZ. Membership rates are posted on the website.

    1. nottinghampoetrysociety

      Dear Thomas, most ‘Open’ competitions will accept submissions on any subject, and you are able to submit to the Nottingham Open Poetry Competition poems on any subject.

  3. Ruth

    Oh, hello from Canada. I found your website through Winning Writers. I enjoyed the 2008 Poetry Contest winning poems you have displayed.

  4. George Field

    If anyone wants their poems pulished, the newspaper in Peterborough – the home town of the famous John Clare, publishes all poems that anyne e-mails to them before saturdays. the works can then be seen on the internet or read by locals. Poetry should be free for all to access in my mind

  5. Jan Bebbington

    Have the winners of this years poetry competition been notified yet and if so can their poems be published on your website?

    1. nottinghampoetrysociety

      The winning poems from this year’s Nottingham Open Poetry Competition will be posted on this website after the public adjudication by Penelope Shuttle on 28th November 2009. The prize-winners will be notified before that date.

  6. Dr David Jeffery

    I wonder if you can help me. I am looking for a book once published by
    Cathy Grindord called Walking my Tightrope. It was (I believe) a biography of my godmother, Connie Ford.
    Can I please be put in touch with Cathy, if possible?
    Many thanks,
    David Jeffery

  7. Richard Pettit

    Dear Sir/Ms.

    I had just enclosed two poems in an adressed envelope and then having re read the rules, realised I had left out the bit that wanted to know where I’d heard of you. In the hope that this oversite will not jeopardise my entry, please note I take the ‘Writers News’. This very informative magazine is where I found your details.

    Kind Regards.

    Richard Pettit

  8. nottinghampoetrysociety

    I’m sorry but we cannot accept payment online and are only able to accept cheques in pound sterling or cash. Hope that helps.

  9. Mike Allen

    My name is Mike Allen and I have a fairly complete set of the Poetry Nottingham magazine form 1946 to 1960. I don’t think there is a market for them so I was intending to donate them to a charity shop but just wondered if the Society or any of its members would like them. I am not seeking to sell them but would want to recoup postage costs – or find a way of getting them to an interested party without incurring postage costs – I live in Dronfield in Derbyshire. Anybody interested

    1. nottinghampoetrysociety

      Hello Mike,

      Thanks for your email. Although the Society does not have the space to house them they sound very interesting. Nottingham Central Library has an archive of Nottingham Poetry Society magazines and information. If you contact them perhaps they could arrange to collect them from your local library via their internal postal service. I will bring your email to the attention of the committee at our next meeting at the end of November. Let me know how you get on.


      Jeremy Duffield


    1. nottinghampoetrysociety

      Hi Arthur, apologies for missing your query. There were no meetings at Nottingham Mechanics in October or November 2021. We tend to use a range of different venues now. Our next reading will be by Rory Waterman on January 29th 1-3pm at Canalhouse. Further details are on our Meetings page.

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