Our Members Publications:

  • Viv Apple, one of our longstanding members, has a poetry book called Nothing is Ordinary
  •   Sheena Bradley   Committee member and gifted poet.

Sheena’s pamphlet Painting My Japan is an exploration in poetry of the people, culture, history and sights of Japan and was published by Impspired.

 ‘a series of powerful and richly lyrical poems’ (Anna Saunders)

‘These often precise, vivid, and stylistically diverse poems explore the historical and contemporary variousness of Japan’ (Rory Waterman)

‘Spare, sensual images evoke a whole country’s places and people’ (Cathy Grindrod)

  • Adrian Buckner, NPS Treasurer and skilful poet.

Note the below titles are shown at discounted prices for our members

Contains Mild Peril (2008) 72pp

Bed Time Reading (2011) 24pp

Downshifting (2017) 96pp

“A Buckner poem moves, and moves unexpectedly. He does this not be pyrotechnic, or modish, but because his subject is mankind…” (U.A. Fanthorpe)

“At the heart of Adrian Buckner’s meditative accuracy is a profound, sometimes wistfully comic, sometimes quietly passionate, questioning of what it means to live in the face of time, love and loss” (Wayne Price)

  • Becky Deans is one of our newest members, a talented poet and writer.

Becky has a poetry chapbook, un(in)formed ‘the latest collection of poems from Becky Deans, steeped in both the landscape and characters of the Derbyshire surroundings she precisely observed. Tackling a range of subjects without fear nor with any concessions made, Becky’s words leap from the page with confrontational immediacy.’ This can be bought via Bearded Badger Publishing. Becky also published a novella in 1998, exposé, which was a development of her first degree dissertation and the third text in the UEA series.

  • David Duncombe, longstanding NPS member and accomplished poet.

David’s Poetry Books & Pamphlets:

The Totley Champion (1985) 48pp Free Man’s Press

Pencilling In (1993) 28pp Prizewinner, Redbeck Press Comp.

Occupational Hazard (1997) 20pp Prizewinner, Jackson’s Arm Comp.

Joy Rider (2003) 32pp Prizewinner, Poetry Monthly Comp.

Borders & Baggage (2011) erbacce-press 36pp

Poems from Prison & Life (2021) 74pp by Marcos Ana, bilingual edition, translated from Spanish by David Duncombe £7.50 inc. post’  “A remarkably moving collection by a man wrongly imprisoned for over 20 years during the Franco regime”.

  • Cathy Grindrod – Long-time member and supporter of NPS and award-winning poet.

Cathy has many books to her name. These are: Something the Heart Can’t Hold published by Poetry Nottingham Publications; Fighting Talk published by Headland; Still Breathing published by Five Leaves, Laureate Lines published by Derbyshire County Council; and The Sky, Head On pub Shoestring Press. Cathy’s new collection, Surrender, is forthcoming in March 2022.

Poetry Nottingham Publications is the publishing arm of Nottingham Poetry Society.

Occasional collections of poetry are published by Poetry Nottingham Publications and have included the work of Peter Cash, Peter Sansom, Huw Watkins, Joan Downar, Cathy Grindrod, Adrian Buckner among others.

To request further details, please contact us.


NPS Seventy Anniversary Anthology


Anthology of present members’ poems to celebrate the Seventy years of Nottingham Poetry Society.

Pub. 2011

ISBN: 978-0-906842-15-7

pp 66

Available from NPS Price £5.00 +p&p


An Anthology of poetry by current members of Nottingham Poetry Society published to celebrate the Societies 60th Anniversary in October 2001.
Launched on 3rd October 2001 at the NPS 60th Birthday Party as part of a week-long ‘Poetry in the City’ event organised by Nottingham City Council, this anthology contains poems selected by Amanda Dalton, Education Director of the Royal Exchange, Manchester, and Poet-in-Residence at Southwell Minster during 2000.

ISBN:0 906842 14 X
pp. 68

Price £3.00 + p&p.

Obtainable from bookshops and Poetry Nottingham Publications, 71 Saxton Avenue, Heanor, Derbyshire DE75 7PZ (contact us for further details)